Difference between nursing assistants and nurses aides

Many of us have heard of Certified Nursing Assistants, or Certified Nurses Aides before. However, unless you are familiar with the medical field you may not know what people in these positions do.  People familiar with health care and health care facilities understand that nursing assistants and nursing aides work on the front lines of health care. So…

 What do they do? Is there a difference?

Certified nursing assistant and certified nurses aide are different names for the same position. Depending on the state you live people who work in these positions are called different names. Other variations of this profession include orderly, geriatric aide, hospital attendant, personal care assistant, and home health aides.

Certified Nursing Assistants vs Certified Nurses AidesDepending on where you live the exact requirements to work as a Certified Nursing Assistant or Nurses Aide can vary, but typically you need to have a high school diploma or GED and complete a class/training program. After completing your training you still need to pass the examination that is required to place your name on your state’s Nursing Assistant Registry. You can start working as a CNA once your name appears in the registry.

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Certified Nursing Assistants and Certified Nurses Aides (CNAs),  act in a basic caregiving capacity and provide support to nursing staff. CNAs provide personal (basic) care to patients in hospitals and residents of long term care facilities, such as nursing homes, while working under the supervision of nurses and doctors. The exact mix of duties CNAs are asked to perform on the job can vary depending upon the type of facility they are working in.

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